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Do you have a catalog with photographs of your cakes?

All of our cakes are custom-made to individual specifications, no catalog is actually available. Our website is designed to give an introduction to our style and services. We are constantly updating our Instagram and Facebook pages and there you can find pictures of a wide selection of our cakes.

How much do your cakes cost?

It's difficult to offer a hard-and-fast price list since each cake incorporates so many factors. We take into account the number of servings as well as the complexity of the design when determining the final cost of your cake. Sometimes a smaller cake may take longer to create than a larger one and therefore, it will be priced higher per slice (the basis for pricing used by most bakeries). Pricing for cakes begins at $6.00 per serving for buttercream and $7.00 per serving for fondant.

When should I book my cake?

We suggest that you book your wedding cake 6-12 months in advance. Occasionally, we are able to accommodate the "last minute" couple.

How can i schedule a wedding cake tasting/consultation?

To schedule a consult, please email us at or call/text us at 704-351-4668. We try to accommodate everyone's schedule, but most appointments are held Sunday afternoons, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings...and "in a pinch" Saturday evenings. Consultations and tastings last about an hour. In the busy season (April through October), we need to concentrate on completing orders, therefore, appointment availability may be more limited.

Do you make gluten-free cakes? Vegan cakes? Sugar-free cakes?

We have developed delicious gluten-free cake recipes that you're sure to enjoy. We also offer a few vegan options. We do not offer sugar-free cakes. We suggest, however, that if you have dietary constraints, that you consider selecting a smaller cake that meets those needs, and then order a larger cake with a more traditional recipe for the rest of your guests.

Do you offer groom's cakes?

YES!! Groom's cakes are a wonderful opportunity to make it all about HIM. These cakes are often playful and depict an interesting or amusing side of the groom's personality. They can represent his fraternity, favorite team, hobbies, or squad, and can be presented to the groom as a surprise by his bride. For a large wedding, the groom's cake can provide additional servings at the reception or can be served as dessert at the rehearsal dinner. Warning! Do not put the groom’s cake under your pillow at night. (Google the history of the groom’s cake to get a little chuckle about this tradition that started during Victorian times).

Do you offer other types of special-occasion cakes?

Our primary specialty is wedding cakes, but we offer other wedding-related cake services as well. We love to create groom’s cakes, bridal shower cakes, and engagement cakes when our schedule permits.