Calvin and Lori

Our Story

Sweet It Is! is the creation of Charlotte, NC residents Lori and Calvin Chivers, who have a love for entertaining and cooking for friends and family. They have often been told that a dish or dessert is so good they should be selling it. This feedback, along with their love of cooking, led to Sweet It Is!

They were raised in the Philadelphia, PA area and have been living in Charlotte since 2006. Although they have no formal culinary training, they each have decades of training in their respective family kitchens. Lori has been baking since she was a little girl, serving a lifelong apprenticeship next to her mother, the master baker, Esther. Calvin spent many formative years in the kitchen making brownies with his mother, Glo, and deep-dish pies with his grandmother, Nora. His grandfather, Jay, passed along his specialty, the renowned “Jay Cake”. If you don’t know, be on the lookout for the “Jay Cake”, a moist traditional pound cake that will leave you yearning for more. Lori and Calvin love spending time together in the kitchen creating mouth-watering meals and desserts. As has been witnessed by many, they fiercely battle over who is the “sous-baker” vs. who is the “master baker”, but ultimately (and with love) they create cupcakes, cookies and sweet treats to tempt the palate. In their spare time, if there is any such thing, they work out at the local YMCA, where Lori serves as a fitness instructor. You may also see them running or biking on a road near you as they ramp up for triathlon season.

What They're Saying

Everything was fabulous and the dessert table was gorgeous :) Everyone loved the cupcakes and the cake was absolutely to die for. I almost couldn't stop eating it which was a big problem lol. You guys were great and can rest assured that we will recommend you to anyone who needs cakes made! Thanks again for contributing to our perfect wedding!!

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